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Enjoy a richer viewing experience by renting a LCD LED from us

Thinking about renting LCD screens? Nowadays, advanced handheld devices made everyone very versatile. People now carry their data such as movies, music, pictures, presentations, spreadsheets with them on the go. But the limited screen size of these devices or any laptop or notebook computer makes the task difficult. That is where renting a LCD or LED screen comes in handy. We have LCD screens available in a range of sizes. Whether you require a screen for home entertainment or for a business seminar, we cater for all requests.

Need a LCD screen for your event tomorrow? Computer Rentals have one of the largest fleet of LCD – LED Rental. We have the highest resolution screens available to suit all your requirements. Whether you like to spend several hours a day on gaming or watching hi-definition movies, our LCD – LED screens are capable of handling all tasks. Moreover, its low power consumption feature will make less stress on your wallets. You might feel a bit confused choosing the right screen for you, but we’ve made it easier by categorising them in separate lists below.


  • Optimal Viewing angles
  • Sharp clear image quality
  • High Visibility
  • Image stabilisation and no flickering
  • Brighter and richer colours
  • Very easy set-up
  • Extremely low rental cost


  • Hi-Def gaming
  • Home Entertainment
  • Business Presentations
  • Corporate Seminars

If you are considering renting a LCD/LED screen for any event or personal use, consider a rental from

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